Shell starts shale gas exploration in Türkiye

Star - Vying to reduce its dependency on imported energy, Türkiye’s search for oil and gas in its territory intensifies as the country now aims to tap its promising shale gas deposits located in Diyarbakir.

Royal Dutch Shell, in collaboration with Türkiye’s state-owned oil company TPAO, has begun exploring for shale gas in the southeastern Anatolian province. According to a deal signed in November 2011, the two companies will jointly explore and produce oil and gas in the Mediterranean Sea and southeastern Türkiye.

“Shell is pleased to work with TPAO on oil and gas exploration in Türkiye, a country in which we have been active for 89 years,” said Shell CEO Peter Voser after a meeting with Türkiye’s Minister of Energy, Taner Yildiz. Voser was also received by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom he praised as a strong and visionary leader increasing Türkiye’s international influence by a great deal.

Türkiye is thought to have 13 trillion cubic meters of shale gas, with some 1.8 trillion cubic meters being recoverable, according to the Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologists.
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