Exports hit USD 100 billion landmark, record expected

Milliyet - Türkiye’s annual exports are set to break records in 2011, according to the country’s Minister of the Economy, Zafer Caglayan. The country’s exports have already hit the USD 100 billion mark as of October 3, Caglayan said in a written statement, adding that he expected the year-end export figure to be around USD 135 billion, exceeding both the government’s Medium-Term Program estimate of USD 125 billion and the previous record of USD 132 billion.

“Türkiye’s place among nations with over USD 100 billion worth of exports is well established,” the Minister said, referring to the country’s exports surpassing the landmark amount since 2007.

The booming automotive, ready-wear, chemicals, and iron-steel industries accounted for more than half of the USD 100-billion worth of exports recorded in 9 months, with respective amounts of USD 15.2 billion, USD 12.48 billion, 12.46 billion, and USD 11.5 billion.
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