Opportunities ahead for wind turbine producers in Türkiye - ISPAT President

Yeni Safak – Türkiye’s potential in wind energy is not limited to power generation only, according to the head of the country’s investment promotion agency, Arda Ermut. Speaking at the 4. Turkish Wind Energy Congress held in Ankara, the President of the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Türkiye (ISPAT) said that Türkiye held the potential to become a hub for wind turbine manufacturing, the crucial element of a wind farm. 

“Support mechanisms for locally-manufactured power generation equipment combined with Türkiye’s strategic location and strong industrial base give the country a great advantage in becoming a regional energy hub”, Ermut stated in his opening speech at the event, adding that during the last 10 years the country’s energy sector underwent a transformation, becoming a more liberal and private-sector driven industry.

Speaking of Türkiye’s foreign direct investment (FDI) performance during the year, ISPAT “President said that the country attracted USD 11.8 billion of FDI during the first eight months of 2015. “Corresponding to a 36 percent increase over the same period of 2014, Türkiye’s investment appeal remained strong despite the uncertainty and turmoil in some of its neighboring countries”, he noted.

Türkiye plans to reduce its dependency on imported fossil fuels by increasingly utilizing its renewable energy potential. By the centennial of the republic in 2023, the country aims to have a 20,000 MW installed capacity generated by wind turbines.

In contrast with Europe, where most of the easily accessible forms of renewable energy are already tapped to the limit, Türkiye and its vastly underused wind potential present lucrative opportunities for energy companies looking for long-term growth. In addition to the attractive feed-in tariff, generating wind energy with locally manufactured equipment is specially incentivized in the country.


Image of Arda Ermut
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