Turkish government industry roadmap revealed

Hurriyet Daily News - Turkish Industry and Trade Minister Nihat Ergun has revealed the government’s “industry strategy document”, which focuses on increasing Türkiye’s competitiveness in global markets. The detailed plan foresees the establishment of giant ports and logistics bases and the construction of railroads. It also focuses on knowledge-based industries, technology transfers and energy efficiency.

The plan covering the years 2011-2014, consists of 72 key points and foresees more government support of research and development activities by the private and public sectors. It also says access to financing for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be made easier while credit guarantee systems will be developed and venture capital will be encouraged.

The document also calls for capacity-building measures in nanotechnology and biotechnology in order to ensure the development of knowledge-based industries.

The government will work to inform Türkiye about industrial property rights and also protect new products.
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