Chinese Talesun investing in Türkiye’s solar energy potential

Sabah – Photovoltaic module and panel maker Talesun joins the series of Chinese companies investing in Türkiye’s solar energy sector. The company has entered into a partnership with local company Ege Trade to establish an equal share JV under the name of Talesun Anadolu Solar Enerji with the intention of planning and implementing solar energy projects in Türkiye.

The Turkish-Chinese JV will initially build up a capacity of 50 megawatts (MW) by utilizing Türkiye’s solar potential, according to Ege Trade executive, Mustafa Kurkan, who added that local manufacturing of solar panels may be considered at a later date.


A number of Chinese solar energy companies, including Yingli Solar and NARI, have entered the Turkish market in recent years, either by partnering with Turkish companies or by setting up their own offices. Having invested USD 600 million in a production plant in Istanbul, China Sunergy has started shipping solar cells and modules to customers in Europe.

Large areas of Türkiye’s territory are exposed to direct sunlight during most of the year with solar irradiation level reaching 1,500 KWh per square meter. Combined with the governmental policy of leaning on domestic and renewable sources to generate power, Türkiye’s solar energy sector is becoming increasingly attractive for international investors. The Turkish government has increased the feed-in tariffs in 2011 and lifted the license requirement for solar energy projects with up to 1 MW capacity.

Image of Solar Panel
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