German Benteler Opens a Factory in Adapazarı Turkey

Referans - Following Canadian automotive giant Magna's decision to start production in Turkey, German automotive, steel and distribution giant Benteler has turned toward Turkey for spare parts production. Benteler, which supplies spare parts for brands such as Toyota and Renault, will establish a factory in Adapazari with an investment of 5 million euros. The company plans to gain access to nearby markets by making Turkey an automotive-related industry base. Production at the plant will begin in November at the latest, said Cigdem Dikmen, managing director of D&P, Benteler's consulting firm in Turkey. Dikmen said Benteler notices Turkey's leap to become an automotive center. "Benteler is very excited about entering Turkey. It has been selling spare parts in Turkey for a long time. The decision to move production to Turkey was taken both for its logistic advantage and to create opportunities in nearby markets" Dikmen said. Benteler, operating in 34 countries with 150 production plants, has been monitoring Turkey for approximately seven months. Benteler's firm in Spain, Iberica Holding, is the founding partner of the company founded in Istanbul by wo partners under the name of Benteler Otomotiv Adapazari Sanayi Sirketi. Dikmen said the company is seeking land for its factory in Adapazari, and that company managers will visit Turkey next week. The factory is expected to be established in Adapazari. However, the final decision will be made after company managers have a look at Bursa, said Dikmen. "Both regions have attractive features. It is expected that 150 people will be employed in the initial phase. With an increase in capacity, the number of employees will reach 320. In the first stage, one production plant is on the agenda" said Dikmen. Benteler is among Germany's largest 100 industrial companies.