Türkiye jumps six spots in global FDI recipients list

Hürriyet – Türkiye’s ranking as a global foreign direct investment (FDI) destination jumped 6 spots to the 23rd place up from the 29th with the surge of foreign investments into the country last year. Prepared by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) , the report entitled ‘World Investment Report 2012: Towards a New Generation of Investment Policies’ states that Türkiye stood as an exception to regional trends, referring to the political and social upheaval in its region, and registered an admirable increase in FDI inflow.

Türkiye attracted USD 15.9 billion of FDI in 2011, a 76 percent hike from a year earlier. The remarkable increase in FDI inflow lifted the country to the 23rd spot in the report surveying a total of 211 countries, underpinning a strong tendency to return to the pre-crisis levels. Türkiye had attracted USD 22 billion in 2007, the year before the global financial crisis broke out.

The report disclosed by the International Investors Association of Türkiye (YASED), also shows a strong performing Türkiye in terms of FDI attraction in the developing nations category. Türkiye climbed to the 12th place among developing nations, up from 16th place in 2010.

“Türkiye’s 76 percent increase is among the highest levels observed among developing nations.., “ said YASED’s Secretary General Ozlem Ozyigit, presenting the report yesterday. “Primarily, we wish Türkiye to reach the pre-crisis FDI levels and attain a sustained growth in FDI flow in line with the country’s increasing regional and global potential..”, she commented.

Türkiye drew USD 110 billion of FDI in the last 9 years and aims to attract at least USD 20 billion in 2012.

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