Japanese Committee is examining Türkiye

Sabah - In order to expand their knowledge of Türkiye, the Japanese government has sent a parliamentary committee including the executives of some giant Japanese companies such as Toyota, Nippon Steel, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Shimizu Corporation, Japan Airlines and Matsushita. Japanese Parliamentary senator Masahisa Sato has said that Turkish labor force is known to be much more industrious compared to the labor forces of the other countries in the Middle East and that this will create a significant advantage for Türkiye. Sato, added, "It is a must that the Japanese know you better. Japanese people should also get to know you. Your embassy should work harder. You should establish contact with TV channels. 2010 is the year of Türkiye in Japan. This chance should be effectively used." Sato has also stated that Japanese companies will start investing in Türkiye once they have a good grasp of Türkiye, understanding all her characteristics.