Siemens upping R&D efforts in Türkiye, gearing up for more investments

Milliyet - German industrial giant Siemens is planning a major increase in its investments in Türkiye, with details to be unveiled after a high level visit to Istanbul next June, according to Siemens Türkiye Director General Huseyin Gelis.

“Siemens is gearing up for more investments. Regardless of Europe’s financial crisis, we are closely monitoring Türkiye for investment opportunities,” Gelis told press people, adding that an executive visit to Türkiye would decide on the company’s investment plans involving the country for the next 4 years. The main topic will be investment opportunities in Türkiye,” he noted.

“Siemens Türkiye’s research and development (R&D) staff has grown to 100 people, up from 20 just 4 years earlier. Siemens Türkiye transfers engineers to Germany to fulfill the talent demand. Siemens Türkiye trains and transfers at least 10 engineers to Siemens headquarters,” he remarked.

With a history dating back over a century, Siemens is one of the oldest foreign companies active in the Turkish market. The company manufactures electrical panel boards in Türkiye and is also active in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors.
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