“Lowered taxes on electric-cars will lure foreign investments”

Posta - The Turkish government’s decision to lower taxes on electric-cars has increased expectations of foreign investment in the industry. “The latest legislation on electric-powered vehicles is a very positive step in convincing car makers to invest in the country,” said Renault-Mais Director General Ibrahim Aybar. Renault will market its first electric-powered vehicle, Fluence ZE, in Türkiye this year.

According to the latest legislation, the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) on electric-vehicles varies in a range of 3 and 15 percent depending on their power train. A car with an 85-kilowatt electric engine is subject to 3 percent of SCT, while 85-120-kilowatt cars will be subject to 7 percent. Engines with over 120-kilowatt power will be subject to 15 percent of SCT.
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