Giant energy project in Konya sees robust demand from investors

Sabah - The Turkish government’s recent steps to bring the country’s vast coal reserves to the attention of foreign energy companies have resulted in robust demand from investors all over the world. Saudi Arabia and the Slovakian-Thai consortium are reportedly in the final stage of their talks for the 5,000 MW coal-fired power plant, which is projected to be built in the Karapinar district of the Central Anatolian province of Konya. In an official letter presented to the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico expressed their readiness for the investment.


Within the investment project, a 5,000 MW-power plant that will account for an 8 percent share in the country’s installed electricity power is slated for construction at an investment cost of USD 10 billion in the Konya-Karapinar field, held by Türkiye's state-owned electricity generation company EUAS. Saudi energy company ACWA, as well as Slovakian HPP and Thai SINGA groups are in the final stage in their talks for the field.


According to officials from the Ministry of Energy, the project is expected to be finalized over the next few months, while Slovakia has expressed its willingness for the project, saying they have teamed up with Thailand-based SINGA.


The project is of great significance since it is larger than the Akkuyu project, Türkiye’s first-ever nuclear power deal signed with Russia, and because it will also enable Türkiye to lessen its foreign-source dependency.

Image of Power Plants