American giants are looking for a qualified workforce in Turkey

Auto Info Turkiye – Committee of the Prime Ministery - Investment Support and Promotion Agency of the Republic of Turkey which has recently paid a visit to USA has announced that American giant companies have decided to consider the qualified workforce in Turkey in terms of their supply chain investments in the IT and automotive industries. Alpaslan Korkmaz, President of Investment Support and Promotion Agency, has stated that as a result of the talks carried out regarding primarily the communication technologies as well as the automotive and infrastructure industries, American investors have designated Turkey as a strategic base which will help them expand into Europe, Central Asia and Middle East due to Turkey’s qualified workforce in IT and automotive industries and due to its supply chain extensions. Korkmaz said, “American investors who are interested in the Turkish market have mentioned that they have directed their investment route to Turkey since they are aware of the fact that Turkey will be a regional power, a process which will develop in parallel with our country's EU vision.”