Korkmaz: "We took a leap in direct foreign investment"

Gozlem - "We took a leap in direct foreign investment" Alpaslan Korkmaz, President of Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Türkiye, said, "We were nonexistent 1,5 years ago. Right now, we are gradually building investments. Give us some more moths and we will be disclosing a few more interesting investments." Speaking at the "Importance of the International Investor for Sustainable Stability" session held within the framework of Forum Istanbul 2008, Korkmaz said two of the most exported components of Türkiye are automotive and its subindustries, and that this component has left behind the ready-to-wear textile, and in the last few years, Türkiye has also been exporting software. He noted the developments in recent years in macro economy, and added; "Türkiye has set EU as a certain target. You give the message of 'during the coming periods of 5-10-15 years, it will match EU' in a clear manner." TÜRKİYE, THE HUB OF THE WORLD Stating that he visited USA and Canada last week, Korkmaz said, "Whenever I show them up the map, I unhesitatingly say 'Türkiye is the hub of the world'. It is a data that came out through our negotiations in 1,5 years totalling 700." He mentioned, although Türkiye took Europe as its target, it has a culture able to make business in Europe, Central Asia, Russia, Middle East, and North Africa, and the Turkish education system has already become integrated with the rest of the world. Alpaslan Korkmaz said Türkiye is capable of negotiating interculturally, this is why Microsoft manages 79 countries and Unilever manages over 20 countries from Türkiye. 70 MILLION WORKS IN OUR R&D CENTRES" Noting that he visited an R&D centre employing 5 thousand people in North America, Korkmaz told, "They said to me 'our average age here is 29'. And I answered, 70 million works in our R&D centre and average age is 28,3. We are better than you.' Of course, it was a joke. We all laughed but it bears an important message." He reminded Türkiye attracted direct foreign investment of $20 billion in 2006 and $22 billion last year, and said, "From now on, Türkiye is playing in the premiere league of direct foreign investment in the world. We took a leap."