Regional mission and 100 million dollar investment from LG

Hurriyet – LG, the South Korean electronics company which entered Türkiye by establishing its own company, assigned Neotech as its new distributor, and declared that it would increase its investment amount to 100 million dollars in Türkiye until 2010. LG Türkiye CEO Christopher Kim noted that management of 8 countries was assigned to Türkiye with the foundation of LG Türkiye and thus, LG undertook a regional mission. Kim also said that Türkiye was included among the most important 7 countries for LG in the world. Reporting that they have made investments in marketing and distribution field in Türkiye where they existed though distributor since 1982, Kim said, “The amount of the investments we will make in Türkiye until 2010 will be 100 million dollars. We want to be one of the biggest players in Türkiye in every field in 2010. We will keep making investments; our target is not only to perform sales.”