“Turkey leads the way in terms of manufacturing capacity and quality of white goods”

DunyaAccording to Dr. Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet, Chairman of the Board of Management and CEO of BSH Home Appliances Group, “Turkey will soon be the leader in terms of manufacturing capacity and quality of white goods.”  Gutberlet said that Turkey has already surpassed Italy and ranks second closely behind Germany in white goods production, adding that, “I can foresee Turkey overtaking Germany in the near future, as there is an immense potential for growth.” Gutberlet highlighted Turkey’s internal dynamics, such as the country’s growing population, but underlined the fact that Turkey relies not only on its own market for growth but also on Europe’s, as it carries out manufacturing operations for European companies. “Production of white goods in Turkey matches the efficiency and quality of production in Germany” said Gutberlet, citing BSH’s own manufacturing plant in Cerkezkoy, Istanbul as an example. “BSH’s Cerkezkoy plant is unrivaled in the world when it comes to manufacturing quality and efficiency” stated Gutberlet, adding that the same applies to the Bosch factory in Bursa and to many other foreign companies with manufacturing operations in Turkey.

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