Türkiye a reminder of growth and stability, Henkel CEO says

Hurriyet - Recession-proof economies like Türkiye’s will drive many multinational companies’ growth in 2012, according to the CEO of Henkel, German maker of home cleaning and personal care products. Türkiye remains one of our fastest growing markets, with an expected rate of 22 percent for this year. Our global growth will continue on the back of high performing economies, meaning more dependency on Türkiye, Kasper Rorsted told reporters at a press meeting in Istanbul. Europe, however, will have a hard year, predicted Rorsted.

Economic growth, alongside population growth and increasing foreign investments make Türkiye a thriving environment for businesses. Rising per capita income directly affects the expenditure on consumer products, said Henkel CEO, adding that Türkiye’s reputation is that of a fast growing, prosperous, stable country with a bright future.

Regarded as a member of the emerging countries group, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), Türkiye is expected to play an important role in the course of the global economy, Rorsted noted.

Henkel has three manufacturing plants in Türkiye, accounting for 80 percent of the company’s marketed products in the country.
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