Toyota Türkiye to hit USD 2.5 billion in exports with the new Corolla

Vatan - The new Corolla, expected to enter production in the first half of 2013 in Toyota’s Sakarya plant in northwestern Türkiye, will increase the Japanese company’s exports from Türkiye to USD 2.5 billion, according to Toyota Türkiye CEO.

The company’s current level of exports to more than 30 countries amount to USD 1.5 billion per year. The addition of the new Corolla to the production line in its Turkish plant will increase the capacity to 150,000 vehicles. Toyota Türkiye is also in the process of expanding its work force to 3,200 people while investing USD 150 million for production line upgrades at the facility.

“The new Corolla will bring the number of export markets up to 50 countries while increasing the volume to USD 2.5 billion.” Toyota Türkiye CEO Orhan Ozer said about the new C segment sedan. The 11th generation Corolla will be manufactured alongside the family car Verso.

Toyota’s Turkish plant has the highest production quality of all Toyota plants outside of Japan. The plant produced the popular Corolla model in the hundreds of thousands between 1994 and 2006.

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