Strong Turkish economy creates an environment of confidence

TurkishPress.com - Speaking at the Türkiye-Macedonia Business Forum, Türkiye’s Prime Minister Erdogan spoke of the recent visa-free travel agreements made with foreign countries and said they will take steps to introduce the same initiative with the Russian Federation. Commenting on the Turkish economy and the global economic crisis, Prime Minister Erdogan said the following "We said the global crisis will be tangent to the Turkish economy, some circles took it differently. Our economy did not collapse as claimed. Consider Fitch's credit rate for Türkiye, it is BB+. That proves there is development in the Turkish economy. This credit rate is not just an ordinary event, it increases Türkiye's prestige.” Stating that the strong Turkish economy creates an environment of confidence, Erdogan said this confidence led the way to recent agreements on visa-free travel. On this issue Erdogan said the following: "We have promised to lift the barriers. We will continue to lift the barriers. We will take new steps with Russia. There is no visa requirement between Türkiye and Macedonia. That means we trust each other." Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski pointed out that Türkiye is a very strong country and called on the EU countries to increase efforts to further integrate with Türkiye.