French pharma company to relocate production to Türkiye

Yeni Şafak /AA - French pharmaceutical company Servier has announced plans to move some of its production Türkiye from its plants in Ireland and France. The company plans to produce 21 million packages in Türkiye over the next 18 months through local drug manufacturers Abdi İbrahim and İlko İlaç.

Speaking at a press event announcing the deal, Philippe Mea, General Manager of Servier Türkiye, said the company would raise production capacity in Türkiye to 32 million packages by 2018. “This figure may go up when exports to neighbours are considered,” he noted.

“97 percent of Servier medicines sold in Türkiye will be produced locally in the coming 18 months,” Mea said, adding that Servier had been active in Türkiye for the last 38 years and producing 6 million packages in the country annually in cooperation with Abdi İbrahim.

“We place great emphasis on Türkiye’s economic power as well as its growing pharmaceutical market. Servier considers Türkiye a motherland,” Mea said, adding that the local production would help Türkiye to reach its 2023 goals, the Republic’s centennial.

Among these goals is to become one of the top-10 economies of the world, reach an exports total of USD 500 billion and increase R&D expenditures to 3% of GDP.