Türkiye-EU visa negotiations intensify

Sabah - The winning of a case opened by Turkish truck drivers regarding visa requirements for entry into Germany has initiated negotiations between Ankara and the European Commission. A decision made by the European Court of Justice two months ago, allowing Turkish truck drivers to enter Germany without visas, has opened the way for further negotiations on visa bargaining with the EU for Turkish citizens. According to sources, the European Commission is currently engaged in negotiations with Ankara on the issue of visas for Turkish citizens. Ankara’s position is that according to the court decision, especially individuals traveling for business purposes, but also tourists and students also retain the right of being exempt from having to acquire a visa. The Commission plans to announce its decision after consulting with member nations. This week, the Green Group of the European Parliament organized a meeting on the EU visas for Turkish citizens. The Green Group supports the exemption of visas for Turkish citizens, not only from a judicial standpoint but also as Türkiye is a nation that is currently engaged in negotiations to join the EU.