Yandex to expand presence, develop products in Turkey

Milliyet – Although active in Turkey for a relatively short period of 18 months, Russian search engine Yandex is already planning to expand its presence in the country through investing in a research and development facility to serve its global market.
The company plans to set up an educational facility, initially employing a staff of 50 Russian engineers which would later be supplemented by 150 locals. The facility will develop products and services for Yandex’s global operations.

“We intend to cooperate with Turkish companies and universities for the Yandex Search Academy project.”, Yandex Turkey CEO Mehmet Ali Yalcindag, told the press about the high-tech investment. “The investment turns Turkey into a regional operations center as the products and services developed in Turkey will be available for Yandex users on a global scale.”, the Yandex Turkey CEO added.

Yandex is enjoying remarkable success in Turkey and is pleased with the return of its investments, according to Yandex CEO, Arcady Volozh, who visited Turkey last week. “Yandex is listed among the top 5 most visited web sites in Turkey“, he stated.
Employing 150 people, Yandex commands a market share of 3 percent when it comes to internet search engines in Turkey but the company’s mapping and traffic services are exceptionally popular in the country.

Set to open one of the largest technoparks in entire Europe, Teknopark Istanbul, this summer, Turkey provides special incentives for research and development related investments including tax exemptions and cuts, and financial support.

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