U.K heralds Türkiye as energy corridor

Referans - Calling for urgent progress on Türkiye's accession to the European Union, a British report advises EU politicians to start scrambling to make headway in Türkiye's development as an alternative energy hub for the continent. A report published by the British House of Commons in late June, revealed the growing strategic importance of Türkiye as the major energy gateway alternative for Europe. The House of Commons urged the British government to push for the opening of energy routes through Türkiye by scheduling talks on EU accession as quickly as possible. “Although Türkiye, itself, is heavily dependent upon imported energy from Russia and Iran, it has great potential as an energy hub, or gateway, for the European Union, not least because of its strategic position, bordering eight other countries in the region,” said the report, entitled “Keeping the door wide open: Türkiye and EU accession.” Reminding readers that Türkiye is a natural hub situated between several vital energy suppliers and consumers of 71% of the world's proven gas and 73% of oil resources, the report emphasized a potentially large role for Türkiye in maintaining future EU energy security.