Daimler to invest in Türkiye IT service center

Milliyet – The German automotive group Daimler, maker of the Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles, is planning to establish an IT service center in Istanbul under its Turkish subsidiary, Mercedes-Benz Türk.

The company, which makes buses and trucks at two plants in Türkiye, will expand its IT unit in the country to assist operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The same center will also develop systems, applications and products (SAP) solutions for Daimler’s global operations.

“The IT service center to be established in Türkiye will share Mercedes-Benz Türk’s expertise in this field internationally. The Türkiye-based Mercedes-Benz IT Service Center will be an important contribution to our global IT network”, according to Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Daimler, Michael Gorriz.

“The availability of well-trained and qualified IT personnel in Türkiye played a major role in Daimler’s selection of Istanbul”, Mercedes-Benz Türk CEO, Rainer Genes said, adding that the investment also reflected Daimler’s confidence in Türkiye’s potential.
The center to be established in Istanbul at a cost of EUR 13 million will create more than a hundred engineering jobs over the next two years.

Image of Mercedes Benz Türk