Türkiye and Canada explore possibility of a FTA

Hurriyet Daily News - Speaking during a visit by a Canadian trade mission to Istanbul, Yilmaz Arguden, Head of the Turkish-Canadian Business Forum, said Canada and Türkiye are considering signing a free trade deal (FTA) after Canada signs a FTA with the EU.

Peter van Loan, Canada’s Minister of International Trade, said that Türkiye, with its strong economy and dynamic market of 72 million, has a key place in the global economy and that the question of a FTA between Türkiye and Canada would be considered after Canada signs a FTA with EU. “Canada has great expertise in environmental technologies and energy industry, particularly in nuclear power plants,” said van Loan, noting that Canadian firms are interested in energy investments in Türkiye.

Türkiye’s State Minister for Foreign Trade Zafer Caglayan called for stronger trade relations between the two countries and invited Canadian energy companies to invest in Türkiye, saying “Canadian firms are welcome to bid on Türkiye’s nuclear energy projects.”
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