The Guardian: ''Developing world to drive global growth''

Developing countries will play a crucial role in preventing the global economy from suffering a hard landing this year as the impact of the US slowdown and turmoil in the credit markets continues, the World Bank says today. The Bank's global economic prospects report for 2008 says that resilience in emerging economies such as China and India will play a central role in cushioning the current slowdown as those countries are taking over the baton of growth in the world economy... TÜRKİYE AMONG HIGH-GROWTH MARKETS The importance of developing countries is also highlighted today by Lord (Digby) Jones, minister of state for trade and investment, who is urging mid-sized British businesses to look for fresh trading opportunities in new high-growth markets. British firms are urged to seek new business in high-growth markets today by Digby Jones, pictured, the minister for trade and investment. Jones stresses that Brazil, Russia, India and China are not the only rapidly emerging markets that UK companies can benefit from. He said several high-growth markets, such as Mexico, South Africa, and Türkiye, had been identified.