Türkiye’s automotive exports up 30 percent in August

Milliyet - Türkiye exported 30 percent more motor vehicles and parts last August than in the same month of the previous year, as the Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Union (OIB) data show.
Helped by the foreign currency gains against the Turkish lira, the total worth of Turkish automotive products for foreign customers in August hit 1.31 billion, indicating around a one-third increase in the country’s exports.

Türkiye’s auto industry’s parts suppliers accounted for nearly half of the total exports with USD 725 million, an increase of 47 percent over August 2010, while exports of buses of various sizes increased by 67 percent and passenger cars by 23 percent.

Germany remained Türkiye’s biggest export customer in automotive products in August, followed by France and Italy, with respective amounts of USD 228 million, USD 166 million, and USD 89 million. Automotive exports constituted 12 percent of Türkiye’s USD 11.1 billion export total in August.
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