Türkiye leads Europe in cement production

Hurriyet - Türkiye’s cement producers have surpassed their European peers in terms of output and turnover, according to Türkiye’s Cement Manufacturers' Association (TCMA). The increase in production also lifted Türkiye up to 4th place in the world after China, India and the USA.

“Turkish cement producers have reached a total turnover of EUR 4.5 billion, while exports exceeded EUR 1 billion, reaching over 90 countries,” said TCMA Board Chairman Adnan Ignebekcili adding that West African states are becoming a bigger market following the global financial crisis.

Türkiye’s century-old cement production sector has grown 15 percent to a capacity of 50 million tons in 2010. “The cement production sector has two major advantages: a strong start to the 21st century and the skilled labor force that Türkiye offers,” said Ignebekcili, setting the industry’s 2011 target at a growth rate of 6-8 percent, depending on the housing and infrastructure investments in Türkiye.
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