Türkiye to attract USD 15 billion of FDI in 2012, survey shows

Hürriyet/Dünya - Foreign direct investment inflow to Türkiye is expected to reach USD 15 billion in 2012, according to the International Investors Association of Türkiye (YASED).

In its semi-annually conducted survey determining investor tendencies towards Türkiye, YASED put the FDI amount for 2012 around USD 15 billion, above last year’s estimated FDI total of USD 13 billion. Türkiye attracted USD 12 billion of FDI in the first 11 months of 2011. The December figure is yet to be announced.

Speaking on the survey results, YASED Chairman Izzet Karaca said that investor confidence in Türkiye is running high, and that the country is already home to a large number of international companies. “Last year’s FDI total will reach around USD 13 billion. We expect the uptrend in FDI inflow to continue in 2012, reaching USD 15 billion,” Karaca noted at a press meeting. He said that investor confidence in Türkiye is persistent, thanks to the country’s rapid economic growth, and that capacity increases are continuously taking place in the existing investments all over the country.

YASED’s Barometer Survey measures the views of foreign investors in Türkiye. Participating investors state their expectations about Türkiye’s economic environment.
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