Türkiye ranks second in PPP investment projects – World Bank

Dünya – Supplementing its modern infrastructure with world-class projects, Türkiye takes the second highest score in the World Bank’s Private Participation in Infrastructure Database’s (PPI Database) latest update.

Second only to Brazil in the study focusing on 139 emerging countries, Türkiye’s seventeen new projects, which include the privatization of power plants and the construction of new highways and ports, amounted to an investment volume of USD 12.5 billion. The country is at the top of the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region of the database, accounting for 87 percent of the regional total.

“Significant government reform in 2008 continued to influence energy investment in Türkiye as three large-scale privatizations took place: the USD 4.3 billion Kemerkoy and Yenikoy Thermal Power Plants; the USD 1.1 billion Yatagan Thermal Power Plant; and the USD 350 million Catalagzi Thermal Power Plant. In addition, a pair of transport projects—the USD 1.1 billion Salipazari Cruise Port and the USD 2.9 billion Third Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway Project further boosted Turkish investment”, the study said.

The Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model is being widely used across Türkiye for infrastructure and energy projects. The country aims to repeat the success of the PPP model in the healthcare sector though City Hospital projects, which will give the private sector a much larger role in providing healthcare services.

Image of Bridge