Crude oil produced in 25 out of 30 wells opened in Türkiye in 2008

Sabah – Taner Yildiz, the Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, has specified that out of 30 wells drilled for production in 2008, 25 are being used to produce crude oil and one for natural gas. Yildiz also gave further information on Türkiye’s natural petrol resources. In 2008, a total of 96 wells were drilled in Türkiye. The Marmara region was the most prosperous with 57 wells, while 26 were in the Southeastern Anatolian region and four each in the Central Anatolian and Mediterranean regions, with three more being opened in the Black Sea and two in the Aegean region. Yildiz noted, “Thirty six out of seventy three of the wells drilled are being categorized under ‘petrol wells’, with 34.5 million barrels under reserves. In 2008, an additional reserve totaling 400 million cubic meters of natural gas was also found”.