“Türkiye will honor its commitments to Nabucco pipeline project”

Reuters - Türkiye will honor its commitments to the Nabucco pipeline project that will transport Caspian gas to central Europe despite alternative pipeline projects, said the Turkish Energy Minister, Taner Yildiz. Russia's South Stream and the European Union-backed Nabucco projects can be constructed independently of each other, Yildiz told Reuters in an interview. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, won Ankara's approval on Thursday for the South Stream gas pipeline to cross Turkish waters to Europe, countering the rival EU-sponsored plans, and signed deals to help make Türkiye a key regional energy hub. Moscow aims to build the South Stream pipeline ahead of the EU-supported Nabucco link from the Caspian - a scheme meant to cut Europe's dependency on Russian gas. Yildiz said Türkiye could become a partner in the South Stream project, but it prefers first to wait for the results of feasibility studies. "No matter which project is signed, including the South Stream, our determination for the Nabucco project will not be weakened and we will honor our commitments", said Yildiz.