GM CEO considers Turkey as the site for production of its new car

GM President and CEO Rick Wagoner has signaled that the giant automotive company is considering starting up production in Turkey again, noting that GM now regretted choosing Poland over Turkey as the site for production of its new Astra Sedan car. GM closed down its production facilities in Turkey in 2000 as a result of perceived economic stagnancy, moving its operations instead to Poland, a move which Wagoner has now publicly admitted was a mistake. At a Detroit press conference, Wagoner said: "There was a lot of debate at GM over why we chose Poland over Turkey. I have asked my colleagues why we made this mistake....." Wagoner noted that in fact Turkey offered many opportunities, commenting that Turkey was currently the most likely candidate for future GM production of light trade vehicles in particular. Wagoner commented further on the "regret" experienced by GM officials in their decision to close down GM production facilities in Turkey in 2000, noting: "We are now sorry that we closed down our factories in Turkey. It is really right now that Turkey's star is shining.....We do not want to miss anymore opportunities with relation to Turkey. We are looking for ways to become more effective in this market."