Mitsubishi CEO Kojima: ''Türkiye promises growth''

Bloomberg - Türkiye, Vietnam and Mexico are among the most promising new emerging countries for investors, Mitsubishi Corp. Chief Executive Officer Yorihiko Kojima said. The three countries may succeed the so-called BRIC countries -- Brazil, Russia, India and China, he said. BRICs, according to the 2003 Goldman Sachs Group report that popularized the acronym, will have combined economies larger than those of the top six nations today in U.S. dollar terms in 40 years. “Recently I visited those countries and I was very impressed with the developing situation” Kojima said today in an interview in Davos, Switzerland, where the World Economic Forum's annual meeting was held. “I am very optimistic about emerging countries” he noted. Tokyo-based Mitsubishi, founded in 1950, has divisions in food, chemicals, machinery, metals and energy. The company has 200 operations in 80 countries. Kojima declined to give specific expansion plans for those markets.