Lastauto Omnibus: Turkey is the base for European bus production

Turkey comes first in bus production, ranks second in light commercial production and ranks seventh in the 27-member European Union. Turkey produces 1.2 million vehicles per year and it is expected that the figure rise to 2 million in 2010 with new investments. Assessing this development Lastauto Omnibus, the reputable commercial vehicle magazine of Europe stated that Turkey is the base for European bus production with German Man and Mercedes as main producers. Lastauto Omnibus described the Mercedes Turkey’s production plant in Istanbul Hoşdere as the “the holy ground for German bus production”. German Man and Mercedes are producing busses for nearly 40 years in Turkey and this gives them a special strategic position among the other countries in the same business. In fact Turkey does not only rely on German companies but created its own brand Temsa and is importing Temsa vehicles to Europe, a growing business. (Hürriyet)