Bosch set to increase investments in Türkiye

Milliyet – Operating in Türkiye in a number of fields including automotive technologies, household goods and energy, Germany’s Bosch Group regards Türkiye as an important supply base.

Having invested EUR 2 billion in Türkiye to date, Bosch’s exports from Türkiye reached EUR 1.1 billion last year, according to a statement by Bosch Türkiye General Manager, Steven Young, speaking at the annual press meeting sharing the company’s fiscal year-end results and new targets. “We expect an 11 percent increase in exports this year”, Young noted.

“Bosch plans to invest a total of EUR 135 million in its operations in Türkiye in 2014. The automotive systems plants in Bursa province will receive the majority of investments”, Young said at the meeting, highlighting Türkiye’s production hub status for the industrial giant.

Bosch produces auto braking systems and diesel fuel injectors in 5 different locations in Bursa. The company currently employs over 8200 people in Türkiye.

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