Hilti plans manufacturing operations in Türkiye

Ekonomist - Liechtenstein-based construction tools maker Hilti plans to manufacture in Türkiye, according to Hilti Türkiye Director General, Mehmetcik Kalay.

“Operational in Türkiye since 1997, Hilti plans to set up manufacturing operations in Türkiye in line with its year 2020 growth strategy..”, Kalay said, noting that products to be manufactured in Türkiye will consist of various tools requiring extensive know-how.
Hilti Türkiye also serves as a regional management center for the company, running the company’s business in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Northern Iraq from its Istanbul headquarters.

“Hilti Türkiye is the fastest growing subsidiary in the Middle East and Africa regions. We plan to grow 20 percent a year until 2020 and intend to increase our employee number to 500 up from 200.” Hilti Türkiye Director General noted, adding that the initial production could start as early as this year.