“Türkiye will emerge as a superpower”

Dunya - James Canton, a well-known US futurologist, a former White House advisor and the founder of the Institute for Global Futures, has predicted that Türkiye could eventually emerge as a superpower in its region by giving priority to technology and innovation. "As long as it adopts advanced technology and innovation, Türkiye will keep up with the global system, and so become an important model in the years to come." Stating that Türkiye has long been evaluated in terms of its geostrategic location between the East and West, Canton added that the time has come for it to go beyond this. Noting that he is keeping a close eye on Türkiye, Canton said Turkish businesses should act globally, in the light of their great potential. "Turkish businesspeople should consider not only the neighboring and surrounding countries but also the entire world as their target market", he suggested. Canton also said that Türkiye will be among the first countries to emerge from the global economic crisis, adding that it could turn the crisis into a lucrative opportunity by making technology, infrastructure, logistical and telecommunications investments.