Türkiye’s privatizations to gain speed in 2010

Hurriyet Daily News - Türkiye’s Privatization Administration signals that the country will see a rapid privatization process in the upcoming period. The administration is working on a new tender model for the National Lottery, while the privatization of bridges, highways and electricity distribution companies is ongoing. As the Turkish economy bounces back, privatizations will gain speed in Türkiye in the upcoming period, said an official from the country’s privatization authority. Companies in the global markets will not be indifferent to Türkiye, said Ahmet Aksu, Deputy Chairman of the Privatization Administration. “Amidst the climate of global crisis, capital needs to be invested somewhere. If we attract investments, this may create a significant opportunity for Türkiye. We are making plans accordingly.” Outlining the institutions and facilities that are within the scope of privatization, Aksu said details concerning the General Directorate of National Lottery, the first tender of which was canceled, have been revised. The tender will be called for with a new model, he noted. “We are evaluating everything. We may introduce some improvements in terms of investors. However, considering that we are a part of the government, we prioritize the public benefit.” A new method could be used for the second National Lottery tender, he said. “Our work is ongoing. When the market is right, the government makes a decision, and investors are ready, we will open the tender. I guess the National Lottery privatization will be completed in 2010.” Aksu also emphasized that work concerning the privatization of bridges and highways is ongoing. A draft of the highways law, which is also a target for privatization, is yet to be issued at Parliament, he said. “We are ready. Once the highways law is introduced, we will hold open tenders in a short while. We expect the regulation to be introduced in the new legislation year. We expect the privatization of bridges and highways to be completed in 2010.” Regarding the activities taking place in electricity distribution, Aksu outlined the transfer process concerning four privatization tenders. There are 53 pre-qualification applications for Coruh Elektrik Dagitim, Yesilirmak Elektrik Dagitim and Osmangazi Elektrik Dagitim, said Aksu. “This reveals there is high demand for electricity distribution enterprises. We will receive proposals on October 20”, he stated.