Türkiye in demographic ‘golden age’

VOA Turkish – Türkiye’s business environment and investment opportunities for international investors were put on display in the US capital last week by the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Türkiye (ISPAT) in collaboration with leaders of key business associations and executives of US companies operating in Türkiye.


Expressing his views about the investment promotion activities held in the US, the ISPAT President, Ilker Ayci, said that the US investors were immensely interested in opportunities presented by Türkiye.  “These meetings proved that US companies are keenly interested in Türkiye but they are not thoroughly informed about our country. We are here to fill that gap”, he said, highlighting the need for more investment promotion tours in US, especially for US companies thinking of company acquisitions in Türkiye.


“Türkiye’s young population is our greatest asset. With half of its population under the age of 30, Türkiye is going through a demographic ‘golden age’. And this trend is set to continue for the next 20 years” the ISPAT head said as he noted Türkiye’s strong points for drawing international investors.


“Türkiye’s rising middle class with an increasing income is also an important contributor to the economic expansion and dynamism. Turkish companies are also expanding regionally and many are seeking international partnerships to expand their global footprint” Ayci remarked.


Another round of investment seminars and meetings by ISPAT will take place in the UK, Germany, France, and Japan in the coming months. 

Image of Ilker Ayci