Türkiye unveils new reforms to improve investment environment

Star – Türkiye’s newly formed government intends to further improve the country’s investment environment with a series of reforms designed to attract international investors. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu unveiled the 2016 action plan that includes new measures ranging from reducing costs in organized industrial zones to easing of licensing procedures for investors.

“The government will take new steps to bolster Türkiye’s status as a foreign direct investment destination with the reform package designed to improve our business environment,” Davutoğlu said at a press conference, detailing the government’s agenda for the next year.

“Obtaining energy permits and licenses will be made easier, while company establishment procedures will be more streamlined. A new patent law will be introduced in accordance with the reform package pertaining to science, technology and innovation,” he said, adding that land costs in organized industrial zones will also be reduced.

The plan also introduces new powers to regional development agencies.

Image of Ahmet Davutoglu