Minister: Fatih Project presents big opportunities with its size, scope

Hurriyet - Türkiye’s high-tech education initiative, the Fatih Project, is full of opportunities for technology companies with its large-scale and huge market value, according to Türkiye’s Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Nihat Ergun. Spanning over four years, the Fatih Project envisions utilizing high-tech devices to increase the quality of public education by equipping elementary school students with tablet PCs and classrooms with electronic boards. The project is estimated to create a market of about USD 7 billion in size over the first four years.

“The Fatih Project presents opportunities in such a scale that a technology firm can potentially leap ahead of its competitors. It carries an enormous market value,” said Minister Ergun in a meeting with officials from Nokia, the Finnish mobile technology company, adding that gradually increasing local production and establishing a research and development (R&D) facility for the project would be among the tender specifications. At least 15 million tablet PCs would be distributed to students nationwide within the first four years, to be followed by 1.5 million units per year afterwards.

The Minister accepted phone maker Nokia’s Executive Vice-President Esko Tapani Aho and other officials from the firm in his office, inviting the Finnish company to invest in Türkiye. “Türkiye’s rising income levels reflect positively on the growth in consumer electronics. The government will take the necessary steps to support investments in this sector with the Fatih Project,” said Ergun.
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