Saudis to go to GAP in 2010, construct 20,000 farms

Sabah – Having focused on organic agriculture, Arabian companies are due to go to the GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) region along with their agricultural and agricultural product processing facilities. Saudi-invested Planet Food World and Tabuk are the last to join this trend. Planet Food will invest in Kilis and spend a total of USD 20 billion. In this regard, 20,000 modular organic farms are planned to be constructed within five years. Meanwhile, Tabuk, one of the largest agricultural companies in the Middle East with a 25-year history, is also seeking land in the region. Said Salim El-Omar, one of the executives of the company, said they are waiting for the Turkish government’s policies on the issue and added, “We are waiting for the procedures of the government. In addition, we are looking into the import and export conditions, while we are seeking land. Our feasibility studies are going on.”