World Bank VP praises Turkish economy

Star - Türkiye’s record first quarter economic growth continues to garner praise in global financial circles.

During a visit to Uzbekistan’s capital city, Tashkent, the World Bank’s Vice President and Chief Economist Justin Yifu Lin said that Türkiye’s steady growth and development are on a continuous uptrend, and that the country has the potential to sustain its current level of development in the future.

“Having subdued the inflation, I believe Türkiye is now on the right track to continue its dynamic development,” Lin told the press, during his official visit to the Uzbek capital. “The Turkish government’s policy of cooperation with other countries based on mutual benefits is also worthy of note in the context of Türkiye’s rapid development,” he said.

Türkiye has become the fastest growing economy in the world, with an 11 percent growth rate in the first quarter of 2011, outpacing China and other emerging economies.

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