ISPAT on Far East tour to promote Türkiye’s investment environment

Dünya – Following a successful series of seminars and meetings in Japan to present Türkiye’s investment opportunies to the Japanese business community, the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Türkiye (ISPAT) has conducted a number of meetings in Malaysia and Singapore as a part of its global investment promotion activities.

“In the process of realizing large scale infrastructure projects in a number of sectors such as education, energy, construction, defense, healthcare, transportation and ICT, Türkiye offers enormous opportunities for foreign investors with long-term plans”, ISPAT President Ilker Ayci said at a press event following meetings with potential investors in Malaysia and Singapore.

“International investors are closely monitoring the developments in such large-scale projects including the third airport in Istanbul, Canakkale Strait Bridge and the projected fast rail lines between Izmir-Ankara and Istanbul-Bilecik. Privatizations of port facilities in Izmir and Derince are also hot on the investor agenda”, Ayci said, listing the projects of focus during the two-country tour.

The ISPAT president said that privatization tenders had earned the country some USD 50 billion in the last 9 years.

“ Another project of note, USD 400 billion worth of urban transformation, is closely monitored by foreign investors” Ayci told the press referring to the project that aims to replace large swathes of housing stock in the county’s earthquake provinces with new buildings.

Stating that the energy demand would remain the most crucial issue for Türkiye’s economy in the near term, with over a hundred billion dollar investments required to address the growing power needs of an expanding economy and population, Ayci said that energy companies operating in the country stand to gain a lot in the coming decade. “The utilization of our country’s coal reserves, increasing power generation from renewable sources, and privatization of power plants are among the most promising opportunities for foreign energy companies.”, Ayci remarked.

“As Türkiye lies in close proximity to the major energy markets, we will see Istanbul becoming a hub of logistics, production and investment for the global energy markets in a very short period of time. The Istanbul Finance Center project, in this regard, will give the multinational entities the perfect location to run and manage their operations in a truly globalized, cosmopolitan and vibrant center of commerce with a highly proficient skill base.” the ISPAT President stated.

ISPAT’s next stops to promote Türkiye’s investment opportunities this year will be the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the US.

Image of Ilker Ayci