Türkiye’s automotive production exceeds 1 million in 11 months

Hurriyet - Automotive plants in Türkiye churned out 1,084,000 motor vehicles in 11 months, according to data from the Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD), while the number of passenger cars produced in the country has reached 589,000.

Total vehicle production increase averaged at 10 percent when compared with January-November of 2010, with heavy truck production increasing by 71 percent, bus production by 36 percent, medium trucks by 29 percent, and light trucks by 10 percent. The increase in passenger car production was a more modest 8 percent.

Türkiye exported 708,000 of the motor vehicles it produced in the said period, 407,000 of them passenger cars. Türkiye’s auto industry is short of just 64,000 units to surpass the previous record year of 2008 when annual production hit 1,147,000 cars. It is believed that production during the month of December can easily close the gap.
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