12th Türkiye Investment Conference Convenes in New York

​​​On the sidelines of the UNGA, President Erdoğan addressed prominent US business people at the 12th Türkiye Investment Conference held by the Türkiye-US Business Council (TAİK) of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Türkiye (DEİK) on September 22.

Drawing attention to the serious challenges confronting the world economy since 2020, President Erdoğan noted, “First the pandemic, and then the Russia-Ukraine war, have caused major setbacks in supply chains in every area, first and foremost in energy and food supply. A great number of countries are grappling with the highest inflation rates in the last 40-50 years. Thanks to its strong performance in terms of growth, exports and employment, the Turkish economy has displayed a successful outlook in overcoming all these challenges. Through the dynamism of the private sector and the supportive steps we have taken at a time when the global economy has been restructured and the predictability has declined, we have managed to sustain our economy's endurance and attraction."

“We have made a conscious choice by predicating our economic program on our country's growth through investment, employment, production, exports and current account surplus. We have not compromised on our priorities for the past two years, including the period of the pandemic. We continue to determinedly implement our economic program," President Erdoğan further said.

Underscoring that the bilateral trade volume between Türkiye and the US reached USD 28 billion, President Erdoğan stated that the close interest US-based companies had shown in the business opportunities in Türkiye and the increase in their investments were a manifestation of their confidence in the Turkish economy. “FDI inflows from the US to Türkiye have reached USD 14.1 billion, whereas Turkish companies' investments in the US have increased to some USD 8.6 billion. There are mutual trade and investment opportunities in almost every sector between Türkiye and the US," President Erdoğan added.
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