Türkiye becoming the supply base of global retail giants

Dunya - International retailer brands of various sorts are increasingly replenishing their stocks with Turkish-made goods as Türkiye’s advantageous location and production capabilities make the country an ideal supply base for retail outlets with operations on a regional scale. Besides having highly popular stores throughout Türkiye, companies like Tesco, IKEA and Metro Group contribute to the country’s exports by acquiring wares and goods from local producers to be made available at their chain stores in other countries.

Among well-known retail brands in Türkiye, German wholesale retailer Metro Group has chosen Türkiye’s Mediterranean province of Antalya as one of its 5 supply centers for food and agricultural products. Metro Group acquired USD 35 million worth of agricultural products from Türkiye last year to be sold in its stores elsewhere.

British company Tesco, operating under the Tesco-Kipa brand in Türkiye, has turned to Turkish suppliers for non-food product categories as well. The company held talks with the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) last month to expand its product range with ‘Made in Türkiye’ textile products, white goods and household furniture. Tesco-Kipa’s purchases from Turkish suppliers reached USD 300 million in 2011.

Home furnishings retailer IKEA is another global brand that plans to increase its reliance on Türkiye as a supplier country. Having reached five stores in Türkiye, IKEA’s exports from the country hit half a billion dollars in 2011. Over the next five years, the company aims to double the amount of supplies acquired from Türkiye.
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