Turkish eye hospital teams up with Gulf investors

Partnered by Gulf investors, the Turkish eye hospital chain, Avrupagöz, is set for strong growth with plans to open new clinics in Türkiye and abroad. A 50 percent stake of the hospital chain, which currently has 14 branches throughout Türkiye, has been acquired by Saudi-based Nesma Holding and Reaya Holding for TRY 52 million (approx. USD 23.6 million).

“Having acquired new partners, Avrupagoz is looking to open new branches both in Türkiye and in surrounding countries” Avrupagöz CEO, Ramazan Burak Telli, said at the press event announcing the partnership.

“First branches of Avrupagöz to be opened outside Türkiye will be in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. The hospital chain is also gearing up for an initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange by 2015”, Telli added.

“Investing in Türkiye is a hot topic in Saudi Arabia. This partnership is an exciting opportunity for us as we plan to make Avrupagöz a global brand”, Nesma Holding CEO and Reaya Holding Board Member, Saleh Al-Turki, said about their investment in Türkiye.

Speaking at the event, Vice President of the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Türkiye (ISPAT), Arda Ermut, said that investments from the Gulf countries into Türkiye were on the rise. “Seen as the regional medical hub, Türkiye has been attracting significant amounts of foreign investments to its hospital chains and healthcare services sector in general”, Ermut noted, adding that the Avrupagöz partnership signified strong investor confidence in Türkiye’s economy.