Bosch Türkiye announces EUR 200 million in new investments

Dünya – One of the top 10 exporters in Türkiye in 2015, German engineering giant Bosch is set to invest a further EUR 200 million in its operations in the country. Active in automotive, home appliances, and industrial technologies, Bosch Türkiye’s plans for 2015 include focusing on product development at its Bursa facilities and upping production capacity at its Manisa plant, where a range of boilers, water heaters, and air-conditioning units are produced.

Affirming that Bosch was fully confident in Türkiye’s potential, President of Bosch Türkiye and Bosch Middle East Steven Young said that the company would continue to grow in the country. “Bosch’s investments in Türkiye over the last 43 years exceed EUR 2 billion. With over 15,000 employees, Bosch Türkiye is second only to Germany in terms of employment and 5th in Bosch’s global operations,” Young said.

According to the expansion plan, the majority of the EUR 200 million will be channeled into two new research and development (R&D) centers in Türkiye, raising the number of such facilities in the country to five. Both to be located in Bursa, one center will develop gasoline injection systems for motor vehicles, while another facility will work on assembly systems and specialized machinery solutions for Bosch ATMO. A hundred new engineering jobs will be created with the establishment of the new facilities.

The company’s sales in Türkiye have grown 10 percent in 2014, hitting EUR 1.68 billion, while exports for the last year exceeded EUR 1 billion. Bosch Türkiye is responsible for running Bosch’s Middle Eastern operations, covering 16 countries, since January 2015.

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