Bagis: Opportunity for EU reforms in Türkiye ahead

AA - Egemen Bagis, Türkiye's chief negotiator for the European Union talks, said Türkiye has a time frame of about three years to implement successful reforms ahead of EU accession, reiterating his country's commitment to full membership. "Türkiye has about three years without seeing another election ahead, which is an important opportunity to pass the EU reforms and take necessary steps," Bagis stated at a luncheon organized for EU ambassadors in Ankara to mark May 9, Europe Day. Bagis said Türkiye's membership will not come as "a burden for the EU but rather as a relief" at a time when Europe faces a number of problems such as the global financial crisis, climate change and energy security. "We are determined about the reforms and accession negotiations and our sole goal is to become a full member. We demand nothing less or nothing more than that," Bagis stressed.